Monday, January 10, 2011

The catwalk to a diamond ring is not easy...

Last January I went to Toronto's bridal show at Metro Covention Center. It was awesome! Near the end of the show before the fashion show the emcees were calling couples to join them on stage. Jay called me on my cel as I was showing my late(as always) sister the cake I kind of want for my wedding. We knew there would be a contest of some sort and I didn't care what it is all I cared about was the prize - 1 diamond ring.

I was rushing to go near Jay's seat so we can both yell at the emcee to pick us for the game but there are other couples who wanted to join... So what did my fiance do? Pick me up and carry me(like a sack of rice) on stage. The emcees were left with no choice as we are already on stage;p Waging idea db? I was screaming while Jay was carrying me as I know I'm heavy, but adrenaline rush got Jay to carry me as if I was as light as feather.

The emcees made us dance and that was fine...not until they told the girls to go back to their seats and let the guys stay. Jay had a what do I do now moment which I hardly see. It's so funny!

But you know what's funnier? The hosts ask the men to wear stilettos and do the catwalk... And OMG I knew instantly that we would lose haha... Good thing Jay's sisters are all out supportive and helped me cheered for Jay.

Jay was awful in stilettos ang pangit niyang maging bading=)

Here are  few unforgettable comments the hosts made while Jay was walking:
  • Did you bring your whole family here? It sounds like the whole audience are cheering for you, but there's actually only 4.
  • Wow did you wax your legs? (Jay has a cute feminine leg -not a lot of hair. Sometimes I feel like his legs looks better than mine).
  • Host: "Kneel down"( meaning-do a sexy cat growl). Jay: (knelt down and pose like he's going to propose).My baby is totally clueless on games like this.


Never the less he won a free night in a jacuzzi suite at a Hotel in Mississauga. I googled it and found out it's worth  $200.00.Good job baby! =)

I highly recommend going to bridal shows before your wedding it's informative & so much fun.

P.S. I have a video of Jay walking down the ramp but I'll reserve it for the wedding presentation so it's lock w/ me for the moment.

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  1. oh my! very funny sis! congrats jay! ;)